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DrivePro® services

How to service your drives with DrivePro®

Get the most out of your AC drives and VFD applications, assisted by DrivePro® services for Danfoss VLT® and VACON®drives. You get services that go beyond simple troubleshooting, maintenance, repairs and replacements. They also proactively improve productivity, performance and uptime. You get specialized training and access to expert knowledge, to benefit your business directly.

DrivePro® Life Cycle services

YKT Drives’ comprehensive portfolio of services spans the entire life cycle of your drives. DrivePro® services are delivered by experts. They are customized to your requirements, whenever and wherever you need them.

What DrivePro® services can do for your operations:

Add value: DrivePro® services add value to your processes and business. You win efficiency, predictability and peace of mind.

Deliver know-how: DrivePro® experts understand the special characteristics, needs and requirements of your AC drives applications, your industry, and your business.

Keep you at the forefront: DrivePro® services ensure you have access to all the latest innovations in the form of upgrades or exchanges, as well as expert VFD troubleshooting. Because we understand your application needs, we are confident in making recommendations for the future.

DrivePro® Life Cycle services

DrivePro® Spare Parts

In critical situations, you want no delays. With DrivePro® Spare Parts you always have the right parts on hand, on time. Keep your drives running at top efficiency, and optimize system performance.

DrivePro® Exchange

You obtain the fastest, most cost-efficient alternative to repair, when time is critical. You prevent excessive downtime, thanks to quick and correct replacement of the drive.

DrivePro® Extended Warranty

Get the longest coverage available in the industry, for peace of mind, a strong business case and a stable, reliable budget. You know the annual cost of maintaining your drives, up to six years in advance.

DrivePro® Retrofit

Manage the end of product lifecycle efficiently, with professional help to replace your legacy drives.
The DrivePro® Retrofit service ensures optimal uptime and productivity during the smooth replacement process.

DrivePro® Start-up

Save on installation and commissioning time and cost. Get help from professional drives experts during start-up, to optimize drives safety, availability and performance.

DrivePro® Preventive Maintenance

You receive a maintenance plan and budget, based on an audit of the installation. Then our experts perform the maintenance tasks for you, according to the defined plan.

DrivePro® Remote Monitoring

With access to online information via real-time monitoring, you can collect data and analyze it, no matter where you’re located. Resolve issues fast and accurately before they have an impact on your processes.

DrivePro® Remote Expert Support

You can always access expert help through a computer connected to your drive. Our experts are never far away; always ready to help you maintain high performance in your operations.

DrivePro® Upgrade

Use an expert to replace parts or software in a running unit, so your drive is always up-to-date. You receive an on-site evaluation, an upgrade plan and recommendations for future improvements.

Consulting and

YKT has proven capabilities and experience with highly qualified engineers; we have met, and often exceeded, our clients expectations. With customer satisfaction as our goal, we develop partnerships and provide consultation to meet clients financial and operational constraints.

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