Iris Power AGTracII

The AGTracII and Capacitive Air Gap Sensor provides continuous monitoring of the air gap between the rotor and the stator winding on Hydro Generators.

Iris Power AGTracII

  • Air Gap Capacitive Sensors(4 to 16 sensors)
  • Sensor Signal Conditioners
  • Sync Sensor (1 sensor)
  • Continuous Monitoring Instrument
  • Data Management Software
  • Processes the acquired signals in real time
  • Detects the various machine modes of operation:
    – Stationary
    – Run up
    – Normal operation
    – Transient
    – Coast down
  • Determines alarm conditions and sends alerts to the plant SCADA system
  • Communicates with the plant SCADA system
  • Transfers condition data to the Data Management Software

Measuring Ranges Available

  •   3 mm to 15 mm
  •   5 mm to 25 mm
  •   10 mm to 50 mm

The Data Management Software will allow the operator to perform, as a minimum, the following:

  • Display and print data
  • Set up and configuration according to the unit data
  • On-line continuous diagnostic monitoring of all measured signals
  • Set up database based on unit number
  • Machine data set-up
  • Provide data to a local area network
  • Communicate with plant SCADA system
  • Set and provide alarm and trip conditions
  • Set up and accept synchronized time signals
  • Identify malfunctioning sensors
  • Software supplies numerous diagnostic tools

Data Analysis Software

  • Rotor pole profile/rotor geometry
  • Stator and rotor shape with eccentricity
  • Dynamic analysis of rotor
  • Pole movement detection

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