iQ+ Master Station Software

One Master Station application to manage all Qualitrol substation monitors including legacy devices), i.e; IDM+, IDM and DFR family, FL-8, FL-1, TWS and DSFL fault locators and INFORMA PMD-A and QWAVE family of power quality monitors.

iQ+ Master Station Software

  • Full client-server architecture with separate communications manager module (can run on a laptop or split over an IT system)
  • All data stored in an SQL database
  • Ideal for large installations with a central server, remote clients and multiple communication managers to share the burden of collecting data from different types of devices
  • Data download, storage and processing via manual or automatic means
  • Device creation and configuration
  • Comprehensive viewer for manual analysis of waveforms
  • System overview to quickly assess what has happened on the system and where
  • Health check overview to quickly identify any device or communication defects


  • New! – Windows® 7, 64-bit compatible
  • Windows® Server 2008 R2, Standard x64 Edition, Datacenter x64 Edition and Enterprise x64 Edition compatible

Class leading products supported (and more):

  • IDM+ Multifunction power system monitor (with options for power quality, PMU and TWS fault location)
  • TWS FL-8 and TWS FL-1 Traveling wave fault locators
  • INFORMA PMD-A Performance measuring and monitoring device
  • Q PMU-9 Phasor measurement unit (PMU)
  • BEN 6000 Digital fault recorder (with options for power quality and PMU)
  • IDM Digital fault recorder (with options for power quality and PMU)
  • TWS MkVI Traveling wave fault locator

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