Chemical, oil and gas industry

Chemical, oil and gas industry

The chemical and petrochemical plants require the employment of explosion-proof motors – dependent on the hazard potential (zone 1 and zone 2). At present we provide the ignition protection classes Increased Safety “e” and “n” (non sparking) (zone 2) for our low and medium capacity motors; our motors with high to extremely high capacity, as well as all synchronous motors, have the ignition protection class Pressurized enclosure “p“.

Special requirements must be taken into consideration with regard to certain chemical procedures, such as equipment for ammonia synthesis as an example, to ensure the avoidance of copper and cupreous alloys on the external construction of the motors. VEM motors are adapted to suit the special requirements of chemical processes. We supply motors for compressors, extruders, fans, mixers and pumps.

Our product range for this industry comprises:Asynchronous motors with squirrel-cage rotor:

Power range 500 – 14,000 kW
Number of poles 2-, 4-, 6-, 8- to 16-pole

Synchronous brushless salient pole motors:

Power range 5,000 – 42,000 kW
Number of poles 4-, 6-, 8- to 36-pole
Voltage range 690 – 13,800 V
Cooling types air/water, air/air
Types IM B3 and IM 7115 and modifications
Bearing Rolling or friction bearings
Frequency Mains and converter operation

Kindly look into making an enquiry regarding deviating versions.

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